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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Safari Njema

Wow!  April was quite a month!  The students were going on break, and we had to renew our visas, so we thought we would do a bit of traveling.  God was so good to us.  He blessed us with a safe journey, amazing new friendships, and incredible hospitality.  We were overwhelmed at the thought of including every wonderful experience in one blog post, so we created a brief list of favorite things for your reading pleasure:

Mtwara, Tanzania:
1.  Hanging out with the Sarah, Reed, and Andrew Fraser
2.  A scenic dhow ride along the coast
3. Camping trip to Msimbati with the Trulls and the Sims
4. Swimming in the Indian Ocean
5. Amazing food!  (Sarah is an incredible cook.)

1. Spending time with our new friend, Tumaina, and his family
2. Seeing Mt. Kilamanjaro up close!!
3. Visiting the Osotua Enduet Women's Group: fully experiencing Maasai culture through dress, jewelry, dance, and milking a cow
4. Watching music videos of Charity Tajeu, Maasai Christian singer
5. Amazing food!  (fried bananas, mashed bananas/potatoes, at least 5 pieces of fruit daily)

1. Spending time with Larry and Hollye Conway
2. Experiencing Made In the Streets, which ministers to people living on the streets and provides children with access to education and job skills
3. Walks with Hollye on the country club golf course, with monkeys running around!
4. Visiting the Village Market and eating fro-yo
5. Amazing food!  (Hollye is an amazing cook.)

Ngong Hills:
1. Meeting Seeyian and Evans, who instantly welcomed us as family
2. Hiking to the top of the hills and seeing the beautiful view of the Rift Valley

The children will be returning to Mariann next week and starting school!  We are so excited to get back into our daily routine.  Also, we will be welcoming Dr. Cox, some elders from Downtown Church of Christ, and our new teammate, Abbie, in a week and a half.  :)

Blessings to you all,
Katy and Ashley

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