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Friday, May 11, 2012

8 Cups of Tea & Broken Sandals

In Africa, we have experienced such wonderful hospitality and generosity!

Last week, Ashley and I had the opportunity to visit the family of our dear friends, Julius and Esther Kosgei.  They were my friends and CC/track teammates at Harding--a precious couple.  We awoke early to begin our journey to Timboroa, which we thought was much closer to us than it really is.  By 3 pm, we had finally arrived to their home after a hike up the steepest hill I have seen in awhile.  What a beautiful place with a gorgeous view of the surrounding hills, farms, and forests!  We immediately met Julius' mother, who is the sweetest, cutest, most joyful African lady.  We also met his brother, sisters-in-law, nieces, and nephews.  What a blessing to be with them!  In one morning with Julius' family, we seriously drank 8 cups of chai by the time we had visited with everyone.  They kept saying: "You must drink tea.  It is very cold here."  They served us a feast of chicken, rice, potatoes, and chapati.  And we even watched some American music videos on their TV.  Ha!

During our time here, I have struggled with my Chaco soles.  One split, so I tried to repair it with duct tape.  I finally broke down to buy some Super Glue (which cost about $0.50 here).  Just when I fixed one, the sole of the other shoe broke off.  The dusty dry season took one, and the rainy season mud took the other.  Africa: 2, Chacos: 0.  When we went to visit our Maasai friend's home, I couldn't find my Chacos one day.  Come to find out, our host had taken them to be repaired in town!  When I got them back, the sole had been sewn together.  Now they are better than ever, and I own a one-of-a-kind pair of Chacos.  Africa: 10, Chacos: 0.  :)


  1. Me, too, Colin! Go Africa!! But ready to see both of you precious Lakehomans!