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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top Ten Things About Kenya

  1. Eating two huge meals within a period of two hours and drinking chai 4x per day
  1. “There is always room for more on a matatu.”
  1. Walking everywhere, which gives us a chance to think and take in everything
  1. Running with schoolchildren and getting annihilated
  1. Looking up into the night sky and seeing EVERY star, just like in “The Lion King”
  1. Singing “I’ve Got Peace Like A River” and “Halalalalalalalelujah” on a daily basis
  1. Bonding with little children through “chamgeis,” high fives, and giggles
  1. Being welcomed into people’s homes and welcoming them into ours

2. Singing words that you don’t understand, but knowing that you are praising God

1. Spending time with the precious Mariann students and members of the Church

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