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Friday, February 24, 2012

Class 6 Field Trip

Kenya continues to treat us well!!! This week we went on a field trip with class 6 to Kakamega. We wentto the Rondo Rainforest, which was really nice. We could have spentthe whole day there, but unfortunately we had other destinations onour tour.

When we went into Kakamega town forlunch, we also got to stop at Tuskey’s. This is comparable toWalmart in the U.S. We decided to indulge ourselves in a chocolatemuffin. This is one of the only places we have found to have bakeditems in Kenya.

One of the biggest highlights of thetour was finding that Tuskey’s had real toilets (a commode with aflusher). It was seriously the nicest bathroom we have been in inKenya since being here. It would even beat out some Americanrestrooms for niceness.

This weekend we are staying in Eldoretwith Manasse and Sharon (Manasse ran with Katy and Laura at Harding). We are extremely excited about this trip!!

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