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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running Club!

Athletics (Track & Field) will begin next term! I'm so pumped!!

The kids are already wanting to prepare for competition, so I invited them to join me on my morning run (thinking that only a few would come). I showed up at 6:30 AM, and no one was stirring. Ha! But when they eventually started showing up, practically all of the boarders came. :)

I thought to myself, "Okay, Katy. Yes, they are Kenyan; but they are still children. Do not make them do too much." So I said, "Let's just run down to Sang'alo Primary. You can turn around there, or keep going farther if you want." They started out in a full sprint!! I kept trucking along at my normal pace and began catching up to some of them. Many of the older boys kept going, but the rest stopped at Sang'alo, so I told them they could run back to school. Two girls, Regina and Marion, joined me in following the boys, who showed me how two of my favorite routes link up. :)

We finally made it back to school, but all of the others had not yet arrived! Of course, I started panicking and thinking, "What if something happened? What if someone's injured? What if they're lost?" The last thought is actually quite humorous since I, the mzungu, am the most likely to get lost. So I kept running back and forth down the road. Finally, I spotted the whole group making their way back. Praise God! Come to find out, they had run farther up the road (not knowing that we had turned to make a loop) and waited for us to return. I guess we had another miscommunication. Go figure!

I am so looking forward to running with these kids and cheering them on during their competitions!

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  1. Made me think of our hike at Fun calm exterior was not reflecting the panic inside. The running club sounds like, Kathryn, run!!